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Eyelash extensions are a synthetic, semi-permanent addition adhered to natural eyelashes in order to achieve longer and thicker-looking eyelashes.

   Beauty technicians apply permanent eyelash extensions by adding one synthetic lash extension to each individual eyelash. They use a medical-grade glue to ensure that the synthetic lashes firmly adhere to existing lashes.

The maximum amount of length that can generally be added by eyelash extensions is 12mm. In general, extensions range in length from 6 to 17 millimeters.

    Eyelash extensions can be gently removed by using a steam treatment. Although these extensions typically fall out on their own within a couple weeks of application.

   They last up to 3-4 weeks



Service cost :  $130  full set      (Reg:$150)

                           $80   refill

     3D volume :   $150 full set   ( reg: $180 )

                            $90   refill  

















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