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Latest News

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New: Nail Art

Let us show you the latest trends in elegant hands and feet! A special artifical nail technique ensures your hands are perfectly polished, and at the same time protects your nails. 

Manicure with The new matte top coat from OPI goes on clear and starts to turn your base polish into a velvety matte finish within seconds. This polish can be worn over any OPI nail lacquer shade.


Service cost: $25 (Full set)

Gel Polish-Glow in the Dark is a manicure with gelcolor Charge with light. Glow all night, glows bright in the  dark ! Gel soak up the sun or indoor light and illuminates at night ! Turn out the lights and turn up the fun for daily life. It last 2 to 3 week.


Service cost: $35


Sinus Massage is a facial massage need to use a veriety of techniques with therapeutic grade, facial steamer and essential oil. This massage therapy is designed to ease sinus congestion and facial tension.This treatment now available at our Spa.


Service cost: $30   (30 minutes)

Gel - Color Changing  is a manicure with Gel  Reaction features 12 temperature-activated gel-polishes that beautifully evolve with your body heat or weather temperature. These glossy pigments last for weeks whether in a tropical heat wave or in an arctic freeze.This reaction Gels perform on short nails, long nails, natural nails, and even artificial nails.

Service Cost: $30

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