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Arnprior - ON - K7S 1N4

   Dowtown Center

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Benefits of Gel Nails


  • Gel nails are very natural looking and still look like a natural nail without nail polish.
  • The application method .
  • As with all artificial nails, Gel nail polish has long lasting staying power, event better than acrilic nail.
  • There is little to no filling with Gel applications. Great for people who can't stand the filling motion when applying artificial nails.
  • It  has the incredible shine
  • Gel nail is good for people who want to mantain natural nails
  • Gel nail is a healthiest type for people who want to have artificial nail.


  • Service Cost:  $80( color)      French.....$90                  Time required: 80-90 minutes

  •                         $70  (Refill)

 *** Because the good benefits of Gel Nail and for our cozy spa, we dicided not to do any service of Arcrylic nail ( with strong fume) at Our Nail Salon ***

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